HSA Account Transfer Form

This form is used to request an HSA Transfer or Rollover from a prior custodian to DataPath Administrative Services. General Information An account transfer, or rollover, is how money or property can be moved into a Health Savings Account (HSA) from a Medical Savings Account (MSA) or existing HSA. The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) limits … More >>

HSA Request for Distribution Form

Complete this form to request a distribution from your Health Savings Account (HSA). Unlike FSA claims, requests for HSA distributions do not require receipts; however you may want to store any associated receipts in the HSAToday ClaimsVault in case they are needed in the future.

Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Use this form to request that a claim reimbursement be deposited directly into your bank account. Instructions for completing this form: Fill in all fields below Attach voided check (no deposit slips) Sign and date form. If the account is not in your name alone, the other account holder must also sign and date form.

Who is Captain Contributor?

Is it a bird? A plane? A flying tax man?!? After a sequence of freakishly unlucky events, a once meek tax man is transformed into a super hero! Captain Contributor’s origin story and his mission to help people save on their taxes is out of this world. And what’s with that form-fitting leotard?  Watch this video to discover … More >>

Captain Contributor Explains HSAs

” A Health Savings Account is a tax-advantaged benefit account for people enrolled in a high-deductible health plan. You can make pre-tax contributions each payday in order to pay for IRS-approved eligible expenses for yourself and your dependents.  Learn more! Captain Contributor – Benefits Super Hero Read HSA Comic Vol 2 Read HSA Comic Vol 1 Read … More >>


Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings AccountsAn HSA is a tax-advantaged benefit account for people enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). You can make pre-tax contributions each payday in order to pay for IRS-approved eligible expenses for yourself and your dependents. learning center videos forms library

Learning Center

Learning CenterWelcome to the Learning Center.  Here you will find a wealth of information about your tax-advantaged benefits, including FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, and COBRA. FSA HSA HRA COBRA

Forms Library

Forms LibraryWelcome to the Forms Library.  Here you will find the most commonly used forms associated with filing claims, requesting reimbursements, and enrolling in benefits. FSA HSA HRA

Captain Contributor Explains Planning for Expenses

” If your company offers an FSA or HSA, it’s a good idea to sign up for one. They can help you save on taxes while putting aside money for healthcare expenses. But the question always comes up – how much money do I need to set aside? Watch this video to learn more about planning … More >>

Captain Contributor – Your Benefits Super Hero

” Hello! I’m Captain Contributor.  I want to help you make the most of your employer-sponsored benefits and save money on your taxes! Captain Contributor – Benefits Super Hero An FSA, or Flexible Spending Account, is an employer-sponsored account that enables you to set aside money from each paycheck, before taxes, to help pay for IRS-approved, out-of-pocket … More >>

Tax Savings with Benefit Accounts

Captain Contributor Explains Tax Savings

” When considering an FSA, HSA, or HRA, you may be wondering – why should I sign up?  The answer is simple – saving money! Each account can save you money, but there are differences between them. Watch this video to learn more about tax savings! Captain Contributor​​ – Benefits Super Hero Captain Contributor Explains ICHRAs Captain … More >>

Captain Contributor Explains Preparing for Enrollment

“ When benefits meetings roll around each year, many people don’t fully understand their benefits package, and blindly make important healthcare choices. This year, challenge yourself to do a little preparation so you can make the best possible decisions for you and your family. Watch this video to learn more about enrolling in your benefits. Captain … More >>

Captain Contributor Explains HDHPs and HSAs

” Moving to a high deductible health plan (HDHP) can be scary, especially when looking at the amount of the deductible. The higher the deductible, the lower the monthly premium – that can really save you money in the long run, but what happens when you have healthcare expenses? Watch this video to learn more … More >>

Captain Contributor Explains Benefits Debit Cards

” No matter where you go – doctors’ offices, grocery stores, retail shops, and more – you can use a debit or credit card to pay for goods and services. But did you know you can also use a debit card that’s linked to your healthcare benefits accounts? Watch this video to learn more about … More >>

Seven Facts about FSAs and HSAs

7 Facts About FSAs and HSAs That Employees Should Know During Open Enrollment

Open enrollment season for benefits is a time for making important decisions regarding healthcare expenses for you and your family. In addition to health insurance options, many companies sponsor tax-advantaged consumer directed healthcare accounts, like Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). FSAs and HSAs are popular because they can help you save … More >>