About Us – Your Local Benefits Administration Experts

A ‘Natural’ Leader in the Administrative Services Marketplace

DataPath Administrative Services is a leading provider of administrative services to employers throughout Arkansas. Based in Little Rock, we’re locally owned and  specialize in the administration of tax-advantaged benefit plans, payroll, retirement and Human Resources.

In 1984, our parent company, DataPath, Inc. began developing software solutions for employee benefit administration. By 1996, DataPath Administrative Services was established to meet local demand for tax-advantaged plan administration around the Natural State.

Relationship Focused

From day one, DataPath Administrative Services has focused on developing the best products and providing the best service to our clients. The only way to accomplish these interdependent goals is by understanding the needs of each of our customers. We pride ourselves on putting our clients first and emphasizing the development of mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships.

Our external focus is a reflection of our internal culture. We have a fun, friendly atmosphere in which we work hard together and encourage open communication as a way of building solidarity and teamwork. We also value a healthy work/life balance so that we can give our all, day in and day out.

Masters of Technology, Experts in Regulatory Guidance

DataPath has a unique history operating as both a technology developer and a benefits administrator. This unrivaled experience and knowledge enables us to provide the best possible service to our local clients and the best administrative systems to our software licensees across the nation.

With over 30 years in the benefits administration industry, we know the impact of regulatory guidance. Because regulations are constantly in flux, staying on top of all the changes is imperative to the success of both our clients and ourselves. DataPath Administrative Services has the expertise to ensure that whatever may come, we’ll be prepared for it – meaning that as our client, you will be too.