About DataPath Administrative Services – Your Local Benefits Experts

A ‘Natural’ Leader in the Administrative Services Marketplace

DataPath Administrative Services is the largest and most experienced Arkansas-based third party benefits administrator. With over two decades of experience and centrally-located in Little Rock, we know how to best serve the needs of employees and businesses all across the Natural State.

Founded in 1996, DataPath Administrative Services offers a wide range of administration services for tax-advantaged benefit plans, including FSAs, Dependent Care accounts, HRAs, and HSAs. We also offer COBRA, payroll, and Human Resource administration.

Arkansas Grown. Benefits Focused.

From day one, DataPath Administrative Services has focused on providing superior service to our clients. Whether you’re an employer or employee, you want to know that your needs are understood.

We serve people from all walks of life, including mechanics, teachers, first responders, religious organizations, healthcare professionals, government employees, and many others. At DataPath Administrative Services, helping Arkansans get the most out of their healthcare benefit accounts is our main mission.

For employers, our services will help you:

  • Save time and money
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Boost enrollment
  • Keep you in full compliance

For employees, we provide:

  • Convenience through online enrollment, mobile apps, benefit cards, and more!
  • Professional, courteous customer support
  • Fun, engaging educational materials for FSA, DCAP, HSA, and COBRA benefits

Experts in Regulatory Guidance

With several decades in the benefits administration industry, we know the impact of regulatory guidance. Because regulations are constantly in flux, staying on top of all the changes is imperative to the success of both our clients and ourselves. DataPath Administrative Services has the expertise to ensure that whatever may come, we’ll be prepared for it – meaning that as our client, you will be too.

Want to know more about DataPath Administrative Services?

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