COBRA Administration

COBRA compliance is crucial to your business. Trust DataPath Administrative Services as your administrator.

If your business employs 20 or more people, you are required to offer COBRA insurance coverage. When an employee experiences a qualifying event (job loss, reduction in hours, etc.) that would cause them to lose their healthcare coverage under the company’s group plan, they have the option to continue coverage for themselves and their covered dependents at their expense.

Trust DataPath as Your COBRA Administrator

cobra administration


COBRA compliance is crucial, as the laws and regulations are both strict and complex. Choosing to self-administer COBRA is risky since the costs for failure to comply can be staggering.

cobra administration


With over two decades of experience in benefits administration, DataPath Administrative Services knows COBRA. In addition to our other menu of benefits services, our professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure your COBRA administration needs are addressed quickly and accurately, and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

COBRA Materials and Forms for Employers

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