COBRA coverage

COBRA Compliance is a Must for Employers

COBRA compliance is a critical aspect for employers offering healthcare benefits. While providing essential coverage continuation, it can also be challenging due to its time-consuming nature and complexity. Failing to adhere to COBRA requirements can expose companies to legal risks and substantial financial penalties. Understanding COBRA The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), passed in … More >>

COBRA compliance

COBRA Compliant? Are You Sure?

Many employers are out of COBRA compliance but don’t realize it. Are you sure your company is following all the rules? Is your company meeting its COBRA obligations in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations? Chances are, you’re not, at least if you are self-administering them. In fact, the IRS estimates that 90% of … More >>

Furloughs, Layoffs and COBRA

Just as we thought the pandemic was easing and we could start to recover from job losses, rising oil prices and potential interest rate increases may again affect the job market. Read on to learn about furloughs, layoffs, and COBRA. You’ll also learn about COBRA eligibility, qualifying events, and how much coverage costs. Furlough or … More >>


ARPA and COBRA Subsidy FAQs

On Thursday, March 11, President Biden signed the  American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021. In addition to other features, ARPA provides full COBRA subsidies under specific circumstances and creates significant additional COBRA enrollment eligibility rules. The following is a list of common ARPA COBRA subsidy frequently asked questions (FAQs). This blog is not intended to be used as … More >>

Award-winning Employee Education and Engagement Program

Award-winning Employee Education and Engagement ProgramEmployer-sponsored healthcare accounts can be hard to understand. That’s why DataPath Administrative Services has adopted a year-round employee education and engagement program for our groups. The Adventures of Captain Contributor, a national-award winning program, is both informative and entertaining. In a series of comic books and videos, Captain Contributor and … More >>

Forms and Materials Library for Employers

Forms and Materials Library for EmployersWelcome to the Forms and Materials Library. You will find a wealth of information about tax-advantaged benefit accounts, compliance questions and answers, commonly used forms, benefit card and system information, and more.  FSA HSA HRA COBRA

COBRA Compliance: Are You Sure?

Non-compliance penalties are steep Is the manner in which you are meeting your company’s COBRA obligations compliant with all COBRA rules and regulations? Chances are, it’s not. In fact, the IRS estimates that 90% of all employers who self-administer their COBRA obligations are not compliant. This explainer provides more information on common areas of non-compliance … More >>


COBRA Administration Services

COBRA AdministrationCOBRA compliance is crucial to your business. Trust DataPath Administrative Services as your administrator. Contact us today! If your business employs 20 or more people, you are required to offer COBRA insurance coverage. When an employee experiences a qualifying event (job loss, reduction in hours, etc.) that would cause them to lose their healthcare … More >>

Who is Captain Contributor?

Is it a bird? A plane? A flying tax man?!? After a sequence of freakishly unlucky events, a once meek tax man is transformed into a super hero! Captain Contributor’s origin story and his mission to help people save on their taxes is out of this world. And what’s with that form-fitting leotard?  Watch this video to discover … More >>



COBRACOBRA enables you to keep healthcare coverage under your employer’s group plan just in case you experience a qualifying event that results in loss of coverage such as job loss, reduced work hours, divorce, death of a covered employee, and more. Learning Center

Learning Center

Learning CenterWelcome to the Learning Center.  Here you will find a wealth of information about your tax-advantaged benefits, including FSAs, HSAs, HRAs, and COBRA. FSA HSA HRA COBRA

Captain Contributor Explains COBRA

” COBRA allows employees to keep their healthcare coverage under their employer’s group plan after they experience a qualifying event that would result in loss of coverage such as job loss, reduced work hours, divorce, death of a covered employee, and more.  Learn more! Captain Contributor – Benefits Super Hero Read Comic Book Read Fact Sheet Captain … More >>

Forms Library

Forms LibraryWelcome to the Forms Library.  Here you will find the most commonly used forms associated with filing claims, requesting reimbursements, and enrolling in benefits. FSA HSA HRA