Employee Wellness Program

6 Ways to Increase Employee Wellness Participation

Employee Wellness ProgramIt’s the New Year! After the long holiday season, many people are making resolutions to help themselves reach new goals in 2017, including eating healthier, getting more exercise, managing their finances better, and more.

For employers, there’s never been a better time to boost (or implement) an employee wellness program to help your workforce get a good start on their resolutions. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), employers see a link between wellness and productivity and performance. Plus, wellness programs can result in higher engagement and morale, and lower staff turnover.

Here are 6 ideas for promoting and improving employee wellness program participation:

Organize a Wellness Team

Successful companies have multi-talented people on their staff. Ask around and find out who would be interested in leading a wellness team. Task them to come up with and promote a monthly wellness plan to the rest of the company. The committee can help you come up with new and creative ideas, organize them, and take advantage of the many talents within your staff.

Recognize Team Sports

When your team members complete a 5K, participate in a charity walk, or win the local softball league, announce it to the whole company. When others see that their coworkers are having fun while getting active, it can encourage them to be more active themselves. Sponsoring a company recreational team can translate to better teamwork and camaraderie during the work week.

Offer Gym Membership Discounts

The cost of joining a gym can be prohibitive for some employees. A company-sponsored discount could make the difference between not getting active and feeling sluggish or more exercise and better health.

Start a ‘Biggest Loser’ Contest

The popular television game show been an inspiration for many Americans who want to get fit. Why not have a friendly competition among coworkers? It’s fun to set a goal, share your success with others, and motivate one another to keep going. The ‘Biggest Losers’ can win health-related prizes or a small cash purse.

Offer Healthy Snack Choices

Vending machines are a common respite from hunger (and tedium) during the work day. Along with the candy bars and potato chips, offer healthier options such as granola bars and dried fruit. In the soda machines, offer fruit juices and bottled water. You could even place a bowl of fresh fruit in the break room for employees to partake.

Financial Wellness

People dealing with financial worries tend to have stress, anxiety and depression. That can lead to lower productivity in the office and possible days at home recovering from illness due to stress-related health issues, according to StartupNation. Shake up the health-focused topics with financial wellness programs such as ‘lunch and learn’ seminars, for example, that don’t distract from the workday but promote engagement in an interesting topic.


These are just a handful of simple ideas to get started; your employee wellness program doesn’t have to be over the top. For additional suggestions, check out SnackNation’s list of 121 wellness program ideas. Improved employee wellness can result in greater success for both your employees and your company.



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