COBRA Frequently Asked Questions

Home Contact Us Login COBRA Frequently Asked QuestionsCOBRA (a/k/a the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) is a federal law that allows you to keep your healthcare coverage under your employer’s group plan if you lose coverage due to a ‘qualifying event.’What is a qualifying event?Qualifying events that generally result in loss of coverage:Job … More >>

HSA Investments Overview

Home Contact Us Login HSA InvestmentsSummit HSA account owners whose account balances are above a particular threshold are eligible to invest in mutual funds.This document details the funds that are currently available for investment through Summit HSA. Periodically, there may be changes to available funds based on the expertise and discretion of our investment advisor.The … More >>

FSA and HSA Eligible Expenses

Home Contact Us Login FSA/HSA Eligible and Non-Eligible ExpensesThere are many ways to use your tax-advantaged benefit accounts to save money on both healthcare expenses and taxes.In addition to this document listing the most common eligible and non-eligible expenses, below are some shopping resources that specialize in medical products that are eligible expenses for FSAs … More >>