Summit Card: How It Can Work for You

Convenient, Secure Access Explains how offering the Summit debit card can increase employer FICA savings and the overall success of offering a tax-advantaged benefits account plan.

HSA: IRS Expands Preventive Care for HSAs

HomeContact UsLogin IRS Expands Preventive Care for HSAS Good news for HSA owners! On July 17, 2019, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) expanded the types of preventive care that can now be covered under a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). HSA-qualified HDHPs cannot pay 100% of the cost for care received … More >>

HSA Savings Calculator

Estimate how much you can save with this HSA savings calculator! An HSA is a tax-advantaged benefit account for people enrolled in a high-deductible health plan (HDHP). Account owners make pre-tax contributions each payday (or post-tax, which can be deducted on tax returns) to their HSA in order to pay for IRS-approved eligible expenses for … More >>

Go Mobile with Your Healthcare Benefits Accounts

Did you know you can take your benefits accounts on-the-go? With the demands of today’s modern society – more than two-thirds of Americans own a mobile phone – many benefits administrators offer account holders the modern conveniences of mobile apps and debit cards. These make it very easy for those who have a Flexible Spending … More >>

How to Make Contribution Changes to your HSA

HomeContact UsLogin How to Make Contribution Changes to your HSA Use the following steps to change your Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions 1. Log in to your HSA account at 2. From the home screen, click on the Coverages heading 3. Scroll down and click on the pencil icon next to ‘Per Pay Period … More >>

HSA Investments Overview

Home Contact Us Login HSA InvestmentsSummit HSA account owners whose account balances are above a particular threshold are eligible to invest in mutual funds.This document details the funds that are currently available for investment through Summit HSA. Periodically, there may be changes to available funds based on the expertise and discretion of our investment advisor.The … More >>

Medicare and HSAs: Quick Guide

Home Contact Us Login Medicare and Your HSA: A Quick GuideAs you get closer to retirement, your health plan needs may be changing. It is important to understand how Medicare can impact your HSA.By law, employees who are eligible, entitled, or enrolled in Medicare are no longer allowed to contribute to an HSA.This document provides … More >>

HSA: Top 10 Reasons You Should Have One

Home Contact Us Login Top 10 Reasons You Should Have An HSA1. Tax Savings You can deduct HSA contributions from gross income on your federal tax return, even if you do not itemize deductions. Many states also allow the deduction on state income taxes.2. Earned Interest Funds in your HSA grow with tax-deferred interest. 3. Portability You own the … More >>

HSA Frequently Asked Questions

Home Contact Us Login HSA Frequently Asked QuestionsCan anyone open an HSA? No. You have to be enrolled in a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP). A HDHP is defined as having a deductible of at least $1,350 for Employee Only coverage, or at least $2,700 for Family coverage.How much can I contribute each year? IRS annual limits for … More >>

FSA and HSA Eligible Expenses

Home Contact Us Login FSA/HSA Eligible and Non-Eligible Expenses There are many ways to use your tax-advantaged benefit accounts to save money on both healthcare expenses and taxes. In addition to this document listing the most common eligible and non-eligible expenses, below are some shopping resources that specialize in medical products that are eligible expenses … More >>

Dental care and your FSA

Smile! Getting Dental Care with Your FSA or HSA

Dental care is costly, starting with your premium payments. That coverage may provide you may with a checkup, cleanings, and x-rays once or twice a year. But what happens when you, your spouse, or your child needs a filling, root canal, orthodontia, or an emergency extraction? Insurance probably won’t cover the entire cost of those … More >>

HSA Account Transfer Form

HomeContact UsLogin HSA Transfer Request Form To request a HSA Transfer or Rollover from a prior custodian, complete this form and submit to DataPath Financial Services. An account transfer, or rollover, is how money or property can be moved to Summit from a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Medical Savings Account (MSA) previously held elsewhere. … More >>

HSA Request for Distribution Form

HomeContact UsLogin HSA Request for Distribution Form Complete this form to request money from your HSA. Unlike FSA claims, requests for HSA distributions do not require receipts. However, you may want to store associated receipts online in the Summit ClaimsVault® in case they are needed in the future. *NOTE: If you receive reimbursement by check, you … More >>

HSA Election Change Form

HomeContact UsLogin HSA Election Change Form Complete this form to request a change in your HSA contributions.   Instructions 1.  Download and complete this form. Be sure to sign it. 2.  Submit the completed form to DataPath Administrative Services in one of three ways:      Email the form to with the subject line … More >>

FSA Claim Form (Debit Card Substantiation or Reimbursement)

HomeContact UsLogin FSA Claim Form and Debit Card Substantiation Request Form Submit this form to substantiate a debit card transaction, or to claim FSA reimbursement for an out-of-pocket expense. Section 1: Employee Information​ The following information must be included:      Employee Name      Employee Address      Employee Social Security Number    Employee … More >>

Enrollment Season Podcast

Tax-Free Talk, Enrollment Season Podcast featuring Captain Contributor

Tax-Free Talk is a three-part enrollment season podcast series featuring Captain Contributor, and hosted by Kathy Claimant. In this series, Captain Contributor addresses concerns about benefits enrollment for administrators, employers, and employees. Featuring the Captain’s unique wit and in-depth knowledge, and packed with action and suspense, this enrollment season podcast is like no other. Enrollment … More >>

Benefits enrollment season

Are You Ready for Enrollment Season?

Are you ready for enrollment season? Open enrollment is the period during which you review your benefit options and choose which ones you want to enroll in for next year. These include health insurance, life insurance, and tax-advantaged healthcare benefits accounts, among others. Whether you sign up for benefits through an employer, or choose to … More >>

Award-winning Employee Education and Engagement Program

Award-winning Employee Education and Engagement ProgramEmployer-sponsored healthcare accounts can be hard to understand. That’s why DataPath Administrative Services has adopted a year-round employee education and engagement program for our groups. The Adventures of Captain Contributor, a national-award winning program, is both informative and entertaining. In a series of comic books and videos, Captain Contributor and … More >>

Forms and Materials Library for Employers

Forms and Materials Library for EmployersWelcome to the Forms and Materials Library. You will find a wealth of information about tax-advantaged benefit accounts, compliance questions and answers, commonly used forms, benefit card and system information, and more.  FSA HSA HRA COBRA

Summit User Access Request/Removal

Control HR Access Online To add or remove an authorized user for Employer/HR access to your group account on Summit, complete and submit this form to your DataPath Account Manager. This form can only be submitted by the group’s primary contact person.

Authorization for Release of Information Form

Authorize Discussions with Others HIPAA regulations prevent DataPath from sharing any details about your account, claim, reimbursement, debit card, etc. with anyone besides yourself unless we have a signed Authorization for Release of Information on file that names the specific person. Submit this form if you want to authorize other people, such as your spouse, … More >>

Bank Draft for Administrative Fees

Complete this form to authorize DataPath Administrative Services to draft payment each month for your fees invoice. You will receive a copy of the invoice prior to the bank draft date.