Payroll Services

Focus on running the day-to-day operations of your business and let DataPath Administrative Services handle payroll.

DataPath understands the “payroll headache.”  Keeping up with different pay rates, pay cycles, changes in tax rates and employee statuses, garnishments, new hires, terminations, etc., can cause a lot of unnecessary stress when employers need to focus on their core business.

Why choose DataPath Administrative Services?

DataPath Administrative Services has been around for over two decades, helping employers with the benefits and services they need to keep their employees happy and their companies compliant.

payroll services

100% Compliance

Our certified and experienced staff gets your taxes done right the first time, guaranteed.

payroll services

Ease of Use

Deliver your payroll directly to our site, by email, or by fax, and choose from multiple payment options – direct deposit, payroll debit card, or paper checks. We can also process complex deductions and garnishments with third party payments.

payroll services

We Handle the Reporting

We provide all reports - including Cafeteria plan, new hire, and custom reports - from our secure servers where your payroll is calculated and stored, and can deliver paper reports.

payroll services

Comprehensive Tax Filing

We remit all taxes and file all tax forms for you, with W2 and 1099 printing and filing.


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