Human Resource Services – Strengthen Your Workforce with Streamlined HR

DataPath Administrative Services offers a range of human resource services that assist the employer at every stage of the employee lifecycle. From pre-hiring to active employee management to post-employment COBRA administration, we do it all.

Pre-Hiring Services

Background Checks – Through our partnership with National Crime Search (NCS), we now offer instant and affordable background searches. Our partnership provides you with secure and instant access to a web-based national criminal and sex offender directory. This directory includes over 507 million criminal records covering all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

The system is fast and easy-to-use, allowing for immediate results:

  • Instant national criminal searches
  • Multi-state sex and violent offenders search
  • County criminal history
  • Motor vehicle records
  • Employment credit reports
  • Social security verification and address tracker
  • Healthcare industry search services

Credit Checks – Services available through our NCS partnership also include credit checks of job candidates.

The Credit Report Setup process includes completion by the Employer of an End User Service Agreement, payment of a one-time non-refundable fee of $75, and an on-site inspection to validate legitimacy, adequate security, and permissible purpose. The employer must also verify the company bank account and provide a copy of any business license that is required by their city or state. If a corporation, the employer must be listed by the Secretary of State’s office and be in “good standing.” If a sole proprietor or partnership, the employer must provide NCS with authorization to run a credit report on each of the partners and supply a photocopy of each partner’s drivers license.

Employers in business for less than one year must also provide two of the following:

  • Copy of utility or phone bill in the company name for service at the principal place of business;
  • Copy of a lease (or proof of property ownership) by the company of the principal place of business;
  • Copy of the business bank statement addressed to the applicant company at its principal place of business;
  • Proof of commercial insurance coverage.

In addition to these requirements, companies operating from a home-based office must also comply with both of the following:

  • The onsite inspection must confirm physical separation of the business from the living quarters;
  • The company must be listed in either the appropriate category of a reputable public business telephone directory (such as the Yellow Pages,, or, or in the directory of a national or state trade association, or can provide a current telephone bill with commercial rate charges that reflects the same company name and address as listed on the Agreement.

To begin the Credit Report Setup process:

  1. Log in to your NCS account
  2. Click “Begin New Search”
  3. Scroll down to the “Individual Services” heading and select “Credit Report Setup”
  4. Click “Order” on the right-hand side
  5. Complete the requested information
  6. Click “Order” again (this time in the lower right corner)

Thereafter we will email you to request confirmation of your contact information and provide the End User Service Agreement for you to complete. After receipt of the contact data confirmation and completed Agreement, the credentialing process will begin with arrangement of the onsite visit.

EEOC Applicant Tracking – Tracking demographic information on applicants and employees is a regulatory requirement for some employers.* It is recommended, however, that all employers file the annual report to help protect themselves against unlawful discrimination claims. DataPath can ensure that your annual report is filled out and submitted on time, saving you the worry and hassle.

Post-Employment Services

COBRA Administration – Losing an employee, regardless of the reason, can be a difficult or confusing time for everyone involved. We can assist and clarify the transition process through COBRA enrollment, administration, and billing.

Employers with more than 100 employees and government contractors with 50 or more employees and over $50,000 in contracts.