How To Use the Summit Mobile App

Benefits at your fingertips! Access your employee benefits account information on your smartphone with the Summit Mobile app for iPhone® and Android®.

Locating and Loading the Summit App

Search for “Mobile Summit” on the App Store™ for Apple products or in the Google Play Store™ for Android products, and load as you would any other app.

Logging In

Mobile Summit uses the same login credentials as the online participant account portal. If you have already registered online, log in to Mobile Summit using the same username, password, and TPA code.* If you have not already registered online, you can register directly through the Mobile Summit app and thereafter use the same username, password, and TPA code to log in to your online participant account portal. After logging in to the Mobile Summit app, you will be on the home page which lists your navigation options.

*Our TPA code is 10. If you do not remember that code, you can enter our web address for the Summit participant portal:

What You Can Do with Mobile Summit

Once you log in, the home page displays on the screen. Tap the icons to access the available features:

  • Accounts:  Access detailed balance and account information, including alerts.View a list of all your accounts (FSA, DCAP, HSA) and available funds. Select an account to view Annual Elections, Reimbursements, Available Balance, and Contributions. You may even access the transaction history from the account screen. Dependents who are linked to the specific account are also listed.
  • Transactions:  Access a list of transactions across all accounts, sorted by date. Click on any transaction to view specific details. For any debit card transactions requiring receipts, click the +Receipts link to upload photos from your smartphone's camera of the associated receipts or EOBs.
  • Cards:  Review transaction information, including whether receipts are needed.  View card details, including Name on Card, Card Number, Expiration Date, and Status. You may also view dependents cards. If your card is lost or stolen, you may report it through this screen.
  • SnapClaim™ – Our mobile app for iPhone® and Android® with integrated SnapClaim™ technology allows claims filing using your smartphone! Just open a claim using Mobile Summit, fill in some details onscreen, take a photo of the receipt with your smartphone camera, and upload. Claims filing couldn’t be easier. You can also upload receipt documentation for pending card transactions.
  • Profile:  Access your profile and view information. You may edit information from this screen.
  • Alerts:  View all alerts for your accounts and cards.
  • Contact:  View contact info for your plan administrator, including phone number, website, and email address.

Getting Help

For further assistance, call DataPath Administrative Services customer service at 866-898-4248 or email us at

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